About Us

Our Company’s Products are CCTV Camera, wireless cctv camera, ip cctv camera,  cctv camera dvr, cctv camera switcher, Recorder, CCTV Lens, UTP Video Transceiver, cctv camera power supply, Home cctv camera, & all types of cctv cameras, Fire Alarm System, Access Control systems & Control panel systems.

Editech Power Solutions focuses on complete range of CCTV security systems (Dome Camera, IR Camera, CCTV Lens & the related accessories), Fire Alarm Systems, Time Attendance & Access Control Systems and control panel. 

Backed by quality and proven by Knowledge, Editech Power Solutions has focused on the customer, which has led to an organic growth in the company itself. The company's innovation and systematic approach to understand its customers' requirements is proven by the usage of their products in the very stringent, but also maintains a high standard of after-sales service.

Our Offers to the Customers:

  • Quality Product delivered on-time
  • Product knowledge training
  • Service Support
  • Best pricing

Our Brands

Our Mission

Integrating customer centric solutions for various business verticals while being accessible; having nationwide presence; supporting a well-traine human capital and possessing customer trust and value that is enviable.